User Guide – 0rigv1

User Guide

Starting a report

Tap on the package and choose a checklist, type in the reference (site name – dept name) then SAVE.

How to answer questions

Choose a status Tap in the Comments box and type in. To save for future use tap on the +. Tap on the Actions tab and type in To save for future use tap on the + or use the Microphone to answer.

Corrective actions

Tap on the Actions tab.
Type in your comment or use the Microphone. Tap on the + to add comments to the menu for future use. Then Save.

How to delete a question

Tap on the 3 dots to the right of the question, and tap on Delete Question.

How to use camera

In your device ‘settings’ – turn off the Orientation Lock. Tap on the Photos tab and take – tap on the X to close the camera. NOTE: photos taken in Landscape are 40% larger than in Portrait. To add photos from your device gallery. Tap on the 3 dots and Add Photo.

Using voice recognition

Tap into the comments box. Tap on the Microphone. Speak clearly the comment. Then press Stop Listening. Then Save.


Choose a status, type in a comment, add an action (optional) tap on the camera to take photo/s
Note: to save Comments or Actions for future use, type in, and tap on the + saved Comments will be listed in the menu next to the +.

Signing a report

To sign on the device for the report, Tap on Upload, tap on Signature, type in your Name and Sign, tap on Complete, and Confirm the message, the Photos and the data upload.

Uploading a report

Tap on Upload and sign, tap on Complete, confirm the message, the Photos and Data upload.

Top right menu

To create custom answer lists, tap on Dictionary & Select Category tap on Comments then Sub Category and type in Comments or Actions then Save Tap on the + type in and SAVE. Note: you can transfer custom lists from one device to another. Tap on Backup & Restore then Backup Now. To download answer lists onto other devices. Tap on Restore and Get Restore List. Note: To use this feature, the username/password must be the same.

Bottom left menu

Here you can review the Report title/reference and Review the report before uploading.

How to convert a report

Tap on the top left menu tap on Search Reports then Online – choose a search Option then Search. Tap on the report and Convert the data to the new Report. NOTE; you could copy over answers, this will show you what answers you gave at the last inspection, then amend with ‘new answers’ and attach ‘new photos’.

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